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Overrated trees and dried leaves.

‘You will always have your first time…’ Cliché? Perhaps, but it’s true when they say that ‘First times are always fun’. I’m still thinking if I actually had fun doing something for the first time. It was a couple of months ago when I had this impromptu [i’ll share it to you later why I called it impromptu] photo shoot to help a friend. I’m really not fond of people taking photos of me, except if 1. I’m taking my shameless selfie which I seldom do. 2. If I’m too comfortable with you while you take a picture of me. 3. If I’m in the mood. Please, there’s always exceptions to every rule. Forgive me.

Not to brag or what, I actually do receive some invitations before [I didn’t know how not to sound cocky there, sorry] to do some photo shoot or what not, but the only person I find myself comfortable doing it is with my sister. It was for her online shop and I wanted to help her since I love her and I support whatever she’s doing. Wait, was it just me or was that line out of the topic? Hahaha! Anyway, another reasons as to why I don’t do such thing is that I’m not confident enough and I don’t deserve to be one of they tag as model. OA? I know, but that’s how some minds think or should I say.. specifically my mind. Shallow? Maybe.. yes. I don’t care.

However, a friend of mine approached me and asked me if we can do some fun photo shoot for his page, since he was just starting with photography. He told me that it was just for a one on one shoot so I won’t be too conscious. He really wanted to have me as his model because according to him, I have the potential. [I was like *WHAT!?*]  At first, I was so hesitant about it because I’m really (really, really, and WILL NEVER  BE) not in to this. Hey, but don’t judge me, I actually love looking at those gorgeous girls who looks effortlessly amazing with those amazing clothes on those amazing pictures.. Oh! Did I forgot to tell you that they look amazing? Hahaha! But still at the end, I was persuaded and agreed to do it.

We met at Family Park located in Talamban. The location was the reason why I dub this post as ‘Overrated trees and dried leaves’ because Family Park is ‘the’ place that most photographers do their shoots since it’s affordable and (maybe because) of the nature’s ambiance. I arrived there and dragged my cousin with me who’s also just starting to learn photography and stuff; so might as well bring him and learn some tips with my friend.

I was stunned when I arrived at the meeting place, there was a couple of photographers, make-up artists, and beauteous ladies. By ladies, those models who was so well experienced with photo shoots. I just can’t stop staring as to how confident they were while posing in front of those photographers. I felt out of place and wanted to badly back out. I was sweating buckets. I wanted to go home after seeing those people. I was caught off guard and the next thing I knew the make up artist is already doing my hair and make up. I already threw my hands up to surrender and do it since I’m already in the moment and mostly, I don’t have any choice. It was an impromptu photo shoot, I must say!

So here are few (literally) pictures …

11692608_709639559141777_6498317532011637929_n 11058185_709639469141786_8820753451713741956_n


I’m sorry for looking too conscious on all the pictures, I swear [like sweeeeeeeeeear!!!] I tried my best. Although, I was flattered when the photographers told me it wasn’t that bad for a first time-r — just enough encouragement to help me finish the shoot. [Credits for my friend, JC for the photos. Check his page here]10156103_10206805692321431_8010623772295229808_nNevertheless, I had a fun and productive time that I was able to conquer one of my fears. I didn’t know that I can do it. And one other thing, the shoot that we had was actually for a cause. I wasn’t able to divulge too much information about it. Bottom line, I had a great time and I was able to help kids for their education without even knowing! I ended the photo shoot happy and at the same time, I was proud of myself. PS: my mom was proud of me as well. *clap wink*

Good vibes xx


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