The Sunday Currently

The Sunday Currently \\ 05


Sleepless night session, again! Wow, what a way to start my week! I don’t know what my body is up to lately. I lost a lot of my sleeping hours. I have a lot of plans rummaging in my mind plus house music is being played somewhere around the hood!! Gahhd! Oh well, I could somehow thank when insomnia hits me because I get the chance to update my (beloved but oohh so boring) blog! Anyway, a brand new week is about to start and I thank God for helping me survived last week. My training is a bit challenging because I have to deal with technical terms for troubleshooting that I don’t have any interest and which was the reason why I didn’t pursue IT course.

WHAT THE HELL HAVE I GOTTEN MYSELF IN TO? I ask myself for the nth time, but still can’t think of any acceptable reason!

Although, on the bright side… I should accept this challenge to get to know things I suck at. Yes, optimism at its finest!



Some random tweets on Twitter.


This Sunday Currently entry! 🙂


Random (but hella great!!) house music around my hood. BLAST IT UP!!


What to do later… I still have to do my laundry, but I know I’ll suck it up because I still have to catch some sleep!


Kim’s armpit! Nyahahahahaaha


To a great week ahead. A lot of plans this coming weekend. I. Just. Cant. Wait!


To survive this wearying week ahead. Lord help me!!!


White sleeveless and boxer shorts.


The cupcake I’m munching right now. I need more!


.. to sleep. Obviously!!!!!


some sleep!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


“B and B” Blessed and BEATIFIC!! I just can’t exaggerate how happy and thankful I am for what I have and where I stand! Thank you Lord for showering me blessings I thought I don’t deserve. Yo da best!!

I hope you will have a great and meaning Sunday ahead!

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