The Sunday Currently

The Sunday Currently \\ 06


Spending Sunday with my precious gems. I always thank God for giving me these people; despite of all the imperfections (yes, cos we all know that nothing and no one is perfect! char!) they always bring out the best in me!

I find this Sunday a bit awkward (or shall I say the past few days) though, because I’ve been taking random selfie which I don’t usually do and I feel like dying to post them, or not! Or let me put it this way.. half of me wants to post them and half of me doesn’t want to. (Yes, I’m complicated like that. As what I always describe myself) Yes, I’m a girl but I’m not vain! Denial stage is where I am right now! Dagnabbit!!! This too shall pass!



Some random status and tweets.


This Sunday Currently \\ 06. I can’t believe I’ve been so consistent with this. Momentum is severely kicking !!!!


Midnight City by M83. Reminiscing Warm Bodies!!!


High Haze Forming Pollution. From where I am sitting right now, I can see those fogs. It’s pretty scary by the way.


The chocolate chips I’m munching right now


It can be Sunday forever!!!!!


To pass training since I don’t understand one single thing about troubleshooting!!


Some what a fun print dress


The sun while eating in front of the pool. This is what Sunday should consist of!


To take a quick dip but I’m too lazy! So nu-uh pass!


to hug my cute nephew and nieces. I just missed them b i g t i m e!!


H A P P Y! Spending time with your family is beyond bliss!

I hope you guys are having a great Sunday!

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