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Look up, always. Look back, never.

Regrets come last. Yes, I’m a living proof. So today, one of my new friends tried to google me and found out those jejemon pictures from my blog which I created roughly two years ago!

So backtrack a little bit, before I became “The girl with the fake eyebrows”, I was once “The girl with head in the clouds”. As my memory can remember correctly, during our college (senior) years we had a talk by an HR or  a trainer (wasn’t sure), he encouraged us to create a blog because it’s a big help once you apply for a job. But up to now, I don’t see the help he is talking about… or maybe not just yet!

I come to realized that it was the right site to attest that I’m a certified BADUY way back two years ago. Am I one of you? Please tell me , I’m not alone with this! Today, I regret that I created a blogger account! And I guess I will be regretting this WordPress account as well any time soon. Hope not tho! Hahaha.

I browse that blog I had. . .  the ugly pictures and hideous grammar were the recipe of the ultimate disaster! I was too dumb to forget my account login.

Now, I’ve been spending 3 hours of my time trying to access it again in all possible ways but I failed. Then later found out on one of their forums that if I can’t answer the security questions, there’s no way to access the account. I also tried to check if there is a specific email or customer support I can call or email but still, no good! D i s a p p o i n t m e n t s!

After I exhausted all my efforts, I came to a realization to embrace the fact that people can view my thoughts and ugliness since I decided to post it into a public site. I just have to embrace the shit out of it because I was left with no choice! And since it’s my fault why it’s still available up to now!

So if you guys want to check it, hala sige! Laugh your ass out! Ha ha ha. Good vibes pa din!



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