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Great come back!

Oooh.. How good does it feel opening your blog after 8 months? How good could it feel listening to these keyboard keys as I type? I just got out of work and it feels stupefied! It’s beyond words.

I’ve been so busy balancing work and social life; and to be honest it’s so hard. Especially having a schedule that keeps on changing every month. I’m still wondering how my body can still cope up, though. Many things happened over the past few months, and I must say I’m still thankful being alive, and healthy. I might be so tired as hell, but I always think that I should be thankful getting a job that demands a lot of effort, but still compensates not just my needs but also my wants. As what my last post says, “Time flies surely fast”, it surely does. I didn’t even notice that it was almost a year since I started working again.

Today, there are few things that I learned and realized over the past few months….

  • Meeting new people can either cause good/bad in you. You just have to know how to deal with them
  • Not letting someone take advantage of you is your advantage.
  • Working hard to achieve your little happiness, is the least you can do to treat yourself.
  • Once in a while, it’s okay to say NO.
  • Never let other people treat you shitty; but when they do.. Please return the favor. *wink*
  • Girls who wear more makeup than you, doesn’t make them prettier
  • Know when to speak up and when to shut up.
  • Sometimes, it’s better to keep your mouth  shut. Remember, there’s no undo button for your mouth.
  • Just because they smile and say good things in front of you, that doesn’t mean you can consider them as friends.
  • Know who to trust.
  • Know how to balance your wants and needs. It’s two different things.
  • When you work for it, you will appreciate it even more. #FruitofLabor
  • All great things take time.
  • Let go of the things that will cause you sadness.
  • Know when to put boundaries to certain things.
  • There’s a lot of things that needs to keep as private.
  • You would appreciate things if you will work hard for it. (Kapila nako gibalik ang word na things?)

You might say that “Did she just realized it today?”, to answer you.. Yes! I know that the things I wrote down are the most common things that people should know and learn before they reached on their mid 20’s. Too bad for me, I was a bit late. But on the bright side,at least I already knew it.

You guys have a wonderful Friday.

Time check? 8:05 AM. As you start your day, I’m gonna end mine with a good amount of sleep.

Au Revoir! xx


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