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Christmas/Birthday Wishlist | 2016

I always hate why my birthday fall after celebrating Christmas and New Year. Chances are, people are too broke after the holidays and you just have to understand that you won’t receive any gifts or you cant celebrate it cos of people are already on back-to-work status. Ang hirap pag schedule ang kalaban!

.. but who am I to complain? I’ve been blessed with all of the things I mostly need.

So, I decided to create my 2016 wish list, because I miss listing the things that I want. Here are some stuff I found online that I’ve been dying to own. Those out of this world kind of things that I cant find here in the Philippines.Β  Nevertheless, they still deserve to be one of my Christmas/Birthday wish list. Cos who would resist those cool stuff?

… but I’m still finalizing my Wish list 2016, like those things I can actually buy.

Β Wait. For. It.


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