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Christmas Wish list!!

September just started a few days ago, I can’t believe how fast this year was. As I reminisce the past few months, I remember that I was just about to complete my yearly Wish list, so here I am.Β However, since Christmas and my Birthday have been just one month apart, I consider this as my Christmas/Birthday Wish list. Although, I’m sure I will not get all of them this year (or worst, not even one!) , I still have my wish list. Just in any case, you might want to help me getting all I want, I’m gonna give your lives (at least) much easier.


So here’s some of the things I want to get for this year. Hopefully I can get all of ’em!


  1. Pandora Charm Bracelet. I’ve been wanting to get this since 2012. I saw this the first time on the film LOL (2012, starring Miley Cyrus. If you haven’t seen it yet…. Google it now! .. before its too late! Hahaha!). Since then, I’m literally dying to get this. I love how it was made and how they came up with this, it’s like a diary bracelet. You can buy a charm which you can link on every special event in your life. How cool is that?


2. Casio Watch. (1.) Casio DB-360GN-9AEF or (2.) Casio AQ230GA-9D . Either Or BOTH! My wrist wants to marry both of them.


3. Planner. So that I could write down the things I need to do in my life and my blog. I prefer it to be a DIY. I should get up my lazy ass and start looking for cheap but cute materials.


4. Lang Leav’s Poetry Books. If only I’m not too broke to buy poetry books! I always drop by either to Fully booked or National Bookstore just to give them a tight and warm hug.. wishing that I can buy all of them?? … or can YOU put it inside a gift wrapper? And if you may, please include the Universe of Us as well. LOL


5. Minimalist Bag. I like it when it’s simple like that. πŸ˜‰


6. Cartier love bracelet. I mean, who doesn’t love that classy looking bangle?! It’s a must to achieve a minimalist kind of fashion!

7. Mermaid Blanket. I want to pursue my mermaid dreams, in the safest place possible … my bed. And by dreams, I mean literally.

8. Venus Flytrap. It’s the most wonderful plant in the universe. I love the thought of having an insect-eating plant in your garden … checkin’how they eat those insects alive, while sippin’ your favorite coffee one Sunday afternoon.

So, basically those are the things that are stuck on my wish list (most of ’em) for quite some years now. Hahaha.

So, you know what to buy.. Ok?



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