The Sunday Currently

The Sunday Currently | 12



It’s been a h e l l week, complete hell I would say. It was a tiring, exhausting, draining, and, grueling week. It really was! I still can’t believe how I’m here, typing and writing this entry for you.

I worked 10 days straight, and I still can’t figure out how I survived it; but I’m still so proud of myself for surviving the week! A big pat on the back, self. You’re stronger than you think. Ending the hell week on a Sunday, couldn’t any get any better plus listening to Coldplay’s song. Now this is what you call, life. I decided to do nothing for now, I deserve to get some rest. I really do, although I’m sure I will be somewhere else later!



Attachments by Rainbow Rowell. I think I’m gonna fall in with Lincoln.


this entry, and also I’m gonna start a blog challenge I found online. It’s doable though, I just need to be consistent in posting an entry on a daily basis. I can do this ;p


to Coldplay’s playlists


… about going somewhere, take me somewhere nice. (take me to where my Dad is, since it’s a Father’s day. Happy Father’s Day to all the cool Pudras out there!)


the coffee I’m sippin’ right now.


to buy a LOT of Korean moisturizing sheet masks. I purchased two different brands) last week. It’s my first time using it last night, and it is really relaxing!! (I’m planning to create a different entry for that, though)


I can go out later, I want to try my new toy! The best toy I received last Sunday!!! !#&^@&%^$#$%#^%#&&$*@&^~!!! Woot-woot! Woot-woot!! Ha ha ha.


a blue tank top and a red polka-heart shorts


the toy I just received last week!! It was the highlight of the week btw!@#$%^&* I’m still thinking of its new name.


to eat chicken curry and green tea bread!!!!! Pleaaaase


to decide and assure myself. For the past few days, I’ve been in a situation that I should not put myself into. I’m feeling something that I should not feel, and I’m having a hard time stopping myself. Focus self, F O C U S. Get rid of those distractions, NOW!!! Dagnnabit!


confused. This is so wrong. 

I hope you guys are having a great Sunday!

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