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Strip That Down

After few years, please pop the confetti as I post my first OOTD entry. I’ve been wanting to post it here, and finally…. I’m making the dream come (not) true!!!

I had the best weekend (day-off) for a long time! If you’ve read the last The Sunday Currently I posted, you would know that I took my cutie lazy ass to one of the trending place in town which is The Thray. I realized that I should go out more often, I should stop prioritizing sleep over much more important things… but sleep is love. *sad*

I decided to wear a knee length gray dress paired with a denim jacket, white shoes, with a chain bag. I was actually in the mood in dressing up that time. I swear, that dress would really look great if someone who has long legs would wear it. So pardon, for not giving justice to the outfit. Lol.


This is a “Come here, and take a photo of me. I ain’t scared of flashes” photo. It turn out peculiar and ugly. A face that could scare a million crows. Dagnabbit! Why do I have to be this ugly. Lol! However, I really don’t give a f*ck because a little fashion never hurt anyone, nor yourself. So continue dressing up, and making yourself happy because you deserve it!

BeFunky Collage (1).jpg

After all, making yourself happy is the least you can do to yourself. Cheers for the happy weekend! ♥


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